Always Look Your Best



 Cannon Air Force Base officials will present information, answer questions and hear public concerns regarding the Draft Environmental Assessment…”excerpt from the news release.


Oct. 18 – Las Vegas, N.M.

Time: 6:00 – 9:00pm

Location: Highlands University

Kennedy Lounge

905 University Ave

 Okay, are you ready for this? What they’ll also do is take photographs of all the attendees. Isn’t that swell? We want two 8×10 glossies and twelve wallet size.

If you’re wondering why spooks are milling about taking photos at a public meeting, you’re not old enough to remember the Vietnam war when the government kept meticulous files on dissidents. So, get a haircut, trim the beard (you ladies too) and try to look your best. But if you’re concerned about ending up in some defense contractor’s data base of trouble makers, wear a disguise.

We’ll be dusting off our Groucho glasses – it’s hard to have a serious debate over national defense without them.


The Emotional Health Walmart

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could shop for emotions like we shop for groceries?

“I’m looking for some empathy but the shelve appears to be empty.”

“I’m sorry but the truck delivering empathy broke down on the Interstate. No one stopped to help and the driver was overcome with sadness. Instead, may I interest you in a carton of apathy. It’s very fresh. Well, to be honest, not all that fresh. It’s laid around in the back for weeks doing nothing but I’ve got five more trucks unloading on the dock. I can make you deal. Two for the price of one.

“No, I don’t think so. I really had my heart set on some empathy. Oh,oh oh, how about a pound of understanding? I could use some understanding. “

“Sorry, our whole shipment of understanding was recalled. Botulism, if I’m not mistaken.”

“How can understanding have botulism?”

“It happened at the processing plant. An undocumented immigrant dropped a little on the floor where it mixed with racism and the whole lot was contaminated.”

“Well, I certainly don’t want to die from understanding.”

“Since you’re one of my best customers, I might have a little stupidity left.”

“I’ve heard stupidity is dangerous for your health.”

“ All of our stupidity is home-grown by Tea Party farmers, no chemical fertilizers, it’s all organic.”

“I don’t know. I really just came in for some empathy.”

“Well, I feel your pain but what if I included a bushel basket of ignorance?”

“That’s tempting. Do you accept food stamps?”

…no Stinkin’ Badges

After a year of pretending interest in the public’s concerns, the Air Force decided this month that flying low level tactical navigation exercises (LATN) in the night skies of Northern New Mexico and Colorado is just hunky-dory. See our previous post: The Smell of Napalm in the Morning

There were some modifications to the plan. Those that whined the most, specifically the cities of Taos and Santa Fe, along with southeastern Colorado (major defense industry center) were exempted. And rather than fly 200 ft above the ground, the fully fueled C-130s and CV-22 Ospreys will remain at 300 ft. At three-hundred MPH, that hundred foot difference is covered in less time that it takes to say, “whoops”.

Obviously, Las Vegas didn’t whine enough or perhaps when San Miguel’s armchair-patriot commissioners voted to support the proposal, the Air Force took that as a seal of approval. Either way, now we’ll learn how the people of Afghanistan sleep.

But what amazes us is that the Air Force was not required to have an environmental study performed by the EPA to see how flying in the dark at tree top would effect the residents. Instead, the Air Force determined that an environmental assessment made by them would suffice. Reminds us of allowing the foxes to build the chicken coop – those chickens don’t need no fence. They’ll be just fine.

Which brings us to our favorite movie, ‘The Treasures of the Sierra Madre’, where Mexico’s most notable actor and all around tough guy, Alfonso Bedoya, tells Bogart, “Badges? We ain’t got no badges. We don’t need no badges! I don’t have to show you any stinkin’ badges!”

Now a days, when it comes to how the military/industrial complex treats citizens, they don’t need no stinkin’ badges either.

 Soon to come: the real reason behind this exercise in insanity.

Where’s a Comet When You Need One


If you think Bush Jr. was bad, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Enter far right stage, Rick Perry, three term governor of Texas, part-time Dominionist, end-timer, and executioner of children and the mentally ill. Here he is threatening a seventy-five year old man during a break in the GOP’s debate. The man he’s threatening is Ron Paul, Libertarian, anti-corporatist, and a fly in ointment of Perry’s wet dream – to be the next President of the good old US of A, regardless of who you crush.

 And here we have a picture of the only sane man running in the Republican primary. His name is Jon Huntsman and he’s trying to stop the bullying. Does he look embarrassed that he’s on the same stage with the best and brightest the Republican party can provide? As a footnote, he doesn’t have a chance because he’s not insane.

 So this is what it comes down to? Maybe a comet will hit us first.

Release My People

The Tea Party, birthed and suckled by both national and foreign corporations, has taken America hostage. The difference being that normally, when hostages are taken, ransom is paid and the hostages are released.

Not this time. The Tea Baggers, perhaps not familiar with standard kidnapping protocols, have gotten everything they want but still refuse to release America. Both the President and the Democratic Congress have buckled to their demands – they’ve cut entitlements for those suffering the most during this depression, reduced taxes on the very wealthiest, and maintained a bloated defense industry. But still, they won’t let us go.

So we thought we might write the Tea Party some guidelines on hostage taking.

  1. Kidnap someone of importance, preferably someone with money. Right there, you see the problem? We don’t have any money. Wall Street stole it. So how about kidnapping Wall Street. Just a suggestion.
  2. After kidnapping someone of importance, get the gang together and decide what the ransom will be. This is important. Give us everything you got is not a workable request – see above about not having any money left. Wall Street stole it, remember?
  3. But if by chance, we hock grandma’s dental plate, rent the children out to the Chinese and pay you off, take the money and release the hostage. This last step is vital for a successful hostage taking outcome. Capisci?

We like the old days when the Mafia ran criminal enterprises. The Mafia had some integrity and understood the basics.


Observing the Politician in the Wild

It’s fun to watch politcos in their natural habitat – better than a trip to the zoo.

Like yesterday at the Furrs cafeteria in Santa Fe. The gentleman waiting in line in front of us turned and looked over our heads. Not easy since we’re 6’3” but he stretched and stood on his tip-toes. We thought he might be saving a spot in line for the rest of his family but that proved wrong. He was desperately searching for constituents and found several whom he greeted by name. His head swiveled constantly, nervously searching for more hands to shake. Somehow, perhaps by instinct or the scent of cynicism that surrounds us, he knew we weren’t believers so our hands went empty, un-warmed by his sincerity.

As he campaigned, we made our move and tried to pass him but he must have been especially hungry that day and blocked us with some determination. It was our mistake. We thought he might really be interested more in the people who elected him rather than lunch.

Not particularly well dressed, he wore work-out pants, the kind you might take naps in for weeks without washing and a knit shirt that had seen better days – the days when Friends of Bill ruled the Roundhouse.

And being trained observers, we thought he could be recovering from some ailment. Considering his age, dress, and the sallowness of his skin, perhaps a mild cardiac infraction. We were proved right when he passed on the salad and blue cheese dressing and selected jello instead, something red, maybe strawberry. When he ordered baked fish, no tarter sauce, we smiled. Yet to have our own cardiac adventure, we order fried catfish with a double helping of tarter. He watched with jealousy but never counseled us on the proper eating habits. After all, we weren’t his constituents.

Only once did he weaken in his quest of good health when he stopped in front of the dinner rolls. It made us ache watching his indecision, what he knew was wrong versus what he desired. But desire won out and he selected a buttered roll.

It’s uncanny how politicos imitate humans so well.

The Rapture

Have you ever had to decide between rocky road and vanilla ice cream and just couldn’t make up your mind?  That’s the way we feel about the rapture.

On the one hand, sure it would be nice cruising up to heaven with the rest of the righteous.   They’re not normally the kind of people you’d associate with but still…heaven probably doesn’t force you to have dinner together. After all, it is heaven.

But on the other hand, what a killer End of the World party for those staying behind.  No need for name tags.  Everybody would know who you are – a sinner.   Polite formalities could be set aside for once and debauchery would rule.

Tough choice – vanilla or rocky road.