What’s the San Miguel Reeper?

According to the urban dictionary, a Reeper is a lurker, someone who will try and talk to you for hours because he  has nowhere better to go.

But there’s another definitions we prefer — highly skilled in specific things, usually ahead of everyone else by quite a bit.

You make the choice.  You tell us what’s happening in San Miguel. We’re quivering with anticipation so drop us a note in the contact form.  If it meets our high standards of public decency (just kidding, our standards are notoriously low) we’ll publish it.

Some Background on San Miguel

Where the plains of Eastern New Mexico end and the Sangre De Cristo Mountains begin, sits San Miguel County .

It’s hard to tell how many people call this county  home but the 2000 census counted around thirty-thousand. Of course, there may be more.  A lot of our fellow citizens don’t trust the government and refuse to fill out census forms, figuring it just a ploy for the black helicopters to swoop down and take their guns. In defense of San Miguel’s paranoia, you could say the same about most counties in West Texas and all the counties in Oklahoma.


The County seat is located in the City of Las Vegas – the original and only Vegas before the mob and the Mormons took over Nevada and set up the Bunny Ranch but that’s another story.

In 1835, the first settlers moved to the present location of Las Vegas and planted a field of beans next to the Gallinas River only to watch hail destroy the crop.  Discouraged by this setback, they returned to civilization, the village of San Miguel on the Pecos, and spent the winter complaining about the inequalities of fate and plotting their revenge on Mother Nature. The following spring, they returned to plant corn which survived the hail and early frost proving whining pays off in the end and that beans are fickle.

Forty-four years later, July 4th, 1879, the railroad arrived in town and all hell broke loose. Overnight new saloons sprung up out of the cornfields, along with literary, and Shakespearian social clubs.   Historian Ralph Emerson Twitchell claimed, “Without exception there was no town which harbored a more disreputable gang of desperadoes and outlaws than did Las Vegas.” In hindsight, Las Vegas never truly recovered from that influx of desperadoes and outlaws, swindlers and con-artists that made their living following the railroad.

True, some things changed in the following 130 years.  Literary critics were identified as threats to the community’s well-being and hanged on the Plaza; the desperadoes moved on to Santa Fe for easier pickings and the swindlers became local politicians.

That’s enough for now… we hear the helicopters returning.

…and if you’d like to contact us: sanmiguelreeper (at) gmail.com



3 responses to “What’s the San Miguel Reeper?

  • CasablancaSF

    With regard to your comment in the SF New Mexican, Former Director Woodd was a control freak and took over all the hiring at ATC – he let this Quintana teach at the campus after he was told by other staff members about Quintana. He also tried to convince Quintana to stay through the end of the school year. ATC has been in a true state of chaos since Woodd took the helm in 2009. The report is a result of the damage done to the school during Woodd’s tenure. Teachers, staff and students suffered at his hand. Now we have to pick up the pieces.

    It’s ironic that the only MS/HS to make AYP is being taken over by the SFPS whose district is near the bottom.


    Could you please tell me where you got the Godot image of the single man before the moon? Would much appreciate it.


    Mark St. Germain

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