The Dogs of Wall Street

During the 1971 Mayday protest in Washington DC, the dogs pledged their allegiance to the riot police and arrived with an attitude. If you were stoned or crazy enough to attempt petting a snarling bag of fur, you’d pull back your hand minus a digit or two. How things have changed in the last forty years. The dogs have wised up.

This weekend, the Occupy Santa Fe demonstration came off without a single mauling. For somehow, the demonstrators talked the dogs into changing sides, to abandon the privileged 1% and follow the 99% . Maybe the shift in position was caused by a rumor, spreading like mange, that Kibbles n Bits was raising prices again, a surcharge on every bowl. Purina didn’t fare much better – derivative trading in beef organs, we believe.

And in a show of solidarity, many dogs allowed their masters to carry signs condemning unfettered corporate greed.

While the more opportunistic carried messages like, “ Will do tricks for treats”.

Either way, it was a good day for all. And we’re glad to have them on our side.


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