Where’s a Comet When You Need One


If you think Bush Jr. was bad, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Enter far right stage, Rick Perry, three term governor of Texas, part-time Dominionist, end-timer, and executioner of children and the mentally ill. Here he is threatening a seventy-five year old man during a break in the GOP’s debate. The man he’s threatening is Ron Paul, Libertarian, anti-corporatist, and a fly in ointment of Perry’s wet dream – to be the next President of the good old US of A, regardless of who you crush.

 And here we have a picture of the only sane man running in the Republican primary. His name is Jon Huntsman and he’s trying to stop the bullying. Does he look embarrassed that he’s on the same stage with the best and brightest the Republican party can provide? As a footnote, he doesn’t have a chance because he’s not insane.

 So this is what it comes down to? Maybe a comet will hit us first.


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